Here, at long last, is a way for you to profit handsomely from trading without spending $2,000 on a system, without needing $10,000 as a ‘bank,’ and without having to pore over complicated charts and figures.

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For many trading systems, you need about forty hours of training (home study or one-on-one) to really get a grip on them. Then, you’ll need an hour or two per day (OR MORE) to really dig in and find the trades that have a promising outlook to provide you with positive gains in your portfolio. Plus, you need above average intelligence because there are charts to be interpreted, figures to be compared and sometimes tricky trading decisions to be made.

But now, I’ve developed a system that seriously reduces the difficulty of trading.  It’s the world’s most simple trading system that shows you:

  • How to pick winning trades in just 10 minutes per day
  • How To Potentially Add An Extra $2,000 - $3,000 To Your Portfolio Each Month
  • How to pick those winning trades WITHOUT Having to Read Complicated Chart Patterns
  • Secret Indicators So Easy To Spot, a 12-Year Old Could Do It and a 17-Year Old IS Doing It With Phenomenal Success!
  • And Much More…


And If You Are One Of The First 200 Fast-Action Takers
You Can Get The Incredible ‘Turnaround-Trader’
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Pick winning trades in 10 minutes a day.

When I first stumbled upon this system, several years ago, it involved many hours of work rifling through hundreds of charts until I found the ‘Turnaround Signal’. I would get through hundreds of shares before finding it. Don’t worry…you won’t have to spend even a fraction of that time on it.

Instead, I take care of the hard work of sifting through shares because my software does it AUTOMATICALLY for you.  Every night it whisks through hundreds of shares and highlights the potentials for you - saving you an epic amount of time.

Potentially add $2,000 to $3,000 to your portfolio each month.

Ok, It’s not life-changing money, but it certainly would allow you to live more comfortably, pay off debts, buy some “toys” and take some decent vacations.

For many people an extra $2,000 to $3,000 per month makes the difference between “getting by” and enjoying the lifestyle you want.

The amazing truth is that you decide how much money you want, and then make it in the easiest way possible.  Some folks start small and others have more to play with from the get-go. 

Once you’ve mastered the extremely small amount of work I’ve left for you, this could be the easiest money you’ve ever made - all for just 10 minutes and a few mouse clicks a day.

Just like Samuel and Richard Taylor, a father-and-son team who have increased their account TENFOLD with the Turnaround-Trader System. 

Pick those trades WITHOUT studying complicated charts and patterns.

Since my servers will be doing the basic research for you, I’ll show you how to read the charts and patterns I post on our members only website.

Each day you log onto that exclusive website where you’ll find a list of that day’s potential turnaround opportunities, all found by my algorithms. I say a list because on any given day there may be several shares and indexes, which could be about to turn around.

The information will make sense, because not only have I taught you what to look for, but you can check the indicators out for yourself - you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.

Over time, as the days and weeks turn into months of using the Turnaround-Trader, not only will you start to anticipate the big wins for yourself, but you’ll start seeing things even I may miss.

The hard work is done for you … the final decision is up to you, but you’ll be fully trained by then to make the right decision …

Identifying the ‘Secret Indicators’

When I say that it’s “so easy, that a 12-year old can do it”…I truly mean it, and as you’ve already read by now, a 17-year old student of mine is already doing this with phenomenal success, under some supervision of course!

Once you’ve seen the indicators and chosen the trades you’d like to make, it’s as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. Another click of the mouse ensures you can never lose more than the amount you decide in the event the trade goes against you.

The basis of this system is using a simple indicator to alert us as to when a share’s reversal will happen, and whether it’ll happen soon. That’s it. I’ve used it to my advantage over the years, and it set me on a path to gigantic profits.

You’ll discover that ‘Secret Signal’ and you may ultimately start to identify several great trade opportunities on your own.  No figures to calculate, no tricky decisions to make…just a few clicks and you’re done.


All of this can be done in about 10-minutes per day, with no fancy computer equipment, no expensive software and no hidden extras…  If you can navigate your computer and know how to visit a website, then this tremendously simple trading system is perfect for you.

You’ll also get access to 13 amazing bonuses...

In addition to the daily lists of the Turnaround opportunities I’ve found, you’ll also have access to 13 bonus features introducing you to more of what I am looking for while studying the markets.

From the start, I’ll make it easy, teaching you to recognize the signals, and then identifying them for you and pointing them out. But as you flesh out your understanding of what we’re doing, trading will get easier and easier, allowing you to potentially build your portfolio even faster.

These 13 bonus features will give you even more insight into the minds of professional traders like me and what we look for; obvious chart patterns, , a confidential insider trader signal and managing your profits. 

On top of those bonuses, you’ll also receive…

30-days complimentary access to my Private OVI Traders Club, which offers a look at what market insiders are doing - information that could allow you to ratchet up the profits on your trades even higher.

For 30 days you’ll be a part of an exclusive ‘private’ traders club that is reserved specifically for those who are serious about their trading.

You’ll have VIP access to:

  • My unique OVI Charts so you can follow the insiders for winning trades
  • Regular Live Webinar Training From Me
  • Video Tutorials, plus an online library of archived training
  • Filters for the highest quality stocks using William O’Neil’s CANSLIM formula. 
  • And much more…

Each of these bonuses cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce, and I continue to spend over $400,000 every year just to maintain them, but I want you to trade properly, even if it is just for a few minutes per day. That way, you can know what you’re doing and you can make some really serious money.

But at the outset, it really is this simple: Look at your computers once a day. Watch for the signals.
Make the trades. And bank the cash.

Act Fast To Get The Turnaround-Trader For Practically Nothing!

Right now, through this special one-time offer that I’m only making available to my most loyal traders… you can get all of it for only $7.

We have been sought out by several major publishers who will be releasing this system to the masses at the full retail price, but before they do I want to make it available to my own subscribers first.

Think of it as a gift … however I do have a favor to ask of you.

After you go through the system and spend at least 30-days with the Turnaround-Trader, the 13 bonuses and the special trial of the OVI Traders Club, please send me your feedback.

Nothing fancy … just a quick email about what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see differently, etc…  Your input will allow me to improve my system and help other traders find the success I did when I first started out.

Only Available For The First 200 Fast-Action Takers!

I’m only making 200 copies of the Turnaround-Trader available today for $7.  Once they’re taken, that’s it, so don’t wait before grabbing a copy for yourself.

If $7 sounds crazy, well, I’m not revealing this system to you at such a low price out of altruism. I already know that it works because this is the exact system that got me started, and now I make far more than $3,000 in a month on my trades.

I think you’ll love the Turnaround-Trader, and would like you to help me perfect it before the price goes back up. All I ask is that you share feedback with us about how your experience with it and how it’s working for you.

The Turnaround-Trader is available to you right now for just $7 until the first 200 customers sign up for it.  But to customer number 201 and beyond, the price will return to $297, which is a great deal, considering that the value includes:

  • The complete Turnaround-Trader system in an easy to follow, step-by-step PDF manual
  • FREE access to the members’ only site where you can access the day’s potential opportunities plus a lot of other very useful information the public will never see.
  • 13 ridiculous bonuses that keep your trading knowledge at its highest
  • ‘Hand-holding’ by me and my support team, via email and phone, if there’s anything you don’t understand.
  • A 30-day trial into my private OVI Traders Club.

I can’t promise you millions. I can, however, promise you’ll do better. It kills me to see people struggling through hard economic times when $2,000 to $3,000 a month is there for the taking.

If you are serious about a nice second income, please do not delay.

The 200 copies I have available for only $7 are going to go fast. Click below and claim your copy NOW!